Monday, February 24, 2014


I spend my Sunday helping at the Healthcamp that we ran in Kajang.
We drew a large crowd and it was like a carnival, complete with a clown in attendance. We saw about 320 patients and, I must have seen 10-15 patients in the 4 hours. Mainly checkups, T2DM and Hypertension. One patient had ambulatory heart failure,which I dealt with accordingly and another had VPBs.
The rest of the team also worked hard. I was told that the optician saw about 100 patients ( we registered a total of 320 patients in 3 hours ) and during feedback, we were told that 3 breast lumps were discovered by the breast scan unit, and 3 gynecological disorders were also picked up.
All in all a very fruitful mornings work.
I was told that during the Camp, the JAIS people came to see if we were appropriately behaved. I am not sure what their take was on the whole.
Dr Wan Azizah also came to help at the Camp. ( She is a certified Ophthalmologist ), and Ms Elizabeth Wong came by for a visit.
After the Camp, we had lunch and also feedback.
If any is interested, the next camp is on 9th March in Kajang as well.

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