Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I arrived at Dataran Merdeka at about 10pm on 31st Dec 2014. My instructions were to keep near Masjid Jamek as the other groups and the St John Ambulances x 2 were station at the perimeter of Dataran Merdeka.
                                                                Our small medical team
The small team, ( there were only 5 of us this time, as the rest were overseas or otherwise not available  ). assembled at Tung Shin Hspital as Dr KB Ng was working till 7pm. Even as we were having dinner, we were aware of like minded people who were also there early and having dinner. Some were wearing "that kind of T shirt", and some were even carrying placards, with the "you know what" wordings.
Once we reached the Masjid Jmek station there was already a large crowd assembled at Dataran. We could only see the Dataran as we were not allowed to enter Dataran, because of a strong Police wall (Formed by able bodied Police men ) blocked our path. So we found a convenient spot at CMIB bank steps and station ourselves there and chit chat. I was told that some one was giving a speech in Dataran, but we could not hear anything. We certainly saw no violence. All were well behaved, except the very loud horns. There were many hawkers there and business was very brisk and good, I think. They sold carnival wares for a carnival occasion in a carnival spirit. Good for them. The weather was good and the night was breezy where we were. the crowd were mainly young people.
Last night, we walked together as Malaysians ( that is one thing I see in all the rallies that I have attended ) in true Malaysian spirit. For the 2-3 hours in Dataran Merdeka, we were all brother Malaysians. We were together. It was obvious that they were mainly  young and the majority were clearly of one race. I do not wish to identify the race as I believe in a MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA. The racist Malaysian government should be worried. Their young ones are standing up.
We waited until 11.45pm. I had received reports periodically through "What's app." ( this time were had not acquired walkie talkie as I was contacted too late and we were only expecting 20-30K people ). The medical HQ was telling me that the crowd was large and growing but we have no work to do. No incidents. Good.
I must say that I thought the max crowd was at 11pm. I guess about 50K people. After 11pm, some people were seen leaving and going home.
Maybe they have received news that the fireworks were cancelled.

At about 11.45pm, I left y station at Masjid Jamek, and the group began to walk to Dataran Mederka to await the countdown. As we walked towards Dataran, we found that the earlier Police wall hard dsipersed and we could go right into Dataran. In fact, Dataran Merdeka then were packed with people.There was people as far as the eyes could see, along all the roads into Dataran - Jalan Tuangku Abdul Rahman, Jln Parliament, Jln Tun Perak and of course the road in front of the Sulaiman Court Building.
We reached Dataran Merdeka at about 11.55pm and some one was making a speech, obvious pro=establishment and people were laughing and no one realy cared much about the speech. We were waiting for someone to countdown as the Clock at the Court Tower approached 12 MN. There was no countdown. I was told that there was suppose to be singing of the negera ku, but there was non. If someone was singing, we certainly could not hear at the St Mary's church side of Dataran.
The biggest disappointment was the absence of fireworks. It was as if the government was punishing us for coming to Dataran Merdeka to protest the price hikes.
All was quiet at about 12.15pm, and I told my group that it was time to go home and sleep.
I informed my group leader that I was leaving. Said goodnight and we left.
Reached home at about 2am and went to bed.
Many wish me Happy New Year via sms and whats app. I told them that honestly in my opinion, thanks to my 47% government, 2014 will be a sad year. I believe that 40-50% of Malaysians who earn RM 2-3K per month, will find it very difficult to make ends meet.
I worry for them.
The other thing that I am certain about is, since we cannot get the government to hear us through the ballot box ( 52% voted against the present government and they punish us ), then we have no choice but to march, rally and protest. Not that we wish to, but we have no choice.Which fair government will not listen to 52% of her populace?

Dear Government, Please listen to         " We the people......................................"


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