Monday, January 20, 2014

ASIA PCR SINGLIVE 2014. 16th-18th Jan 2014

I spend a part of last week as a faculty in AsiaPCR Singlive 2014, the annual event that I have been participating in since the 90s.
I had to chair 3 sessions. They were all fairly well attended. I was posted to the cine case and we did see a wide array of cases from Takayasu's aortitis to cardiogenic shock and acquired coronary artery aneurysm, one month following successful PCI. Most educational.
Looks to me like fewer exhibitors this year.
Suntec city has been newly renovated and there were many new shops and even the old ones have been re-located.
This year, I attended AsiaPCR on my own budget. My sponsors were complaining that business was not so good. One thing I learn is that at your sunset years, you are no longer the "hot" item that you were in the 90s. Accept it. My zeal for education and learning keeps me healthy so I still like to go out whenever invited. I did not have to pay registration ( faculty member ), and I flew down with Fireflyz from Subang airport and stayed in a nice cozy place called the Residence at the Singapore Recreational Club ( a very old and established club in Singapore ). It was 7 mins walk to Suntec City and 5 mins walk to City Hall MRT. So convenient. Service was good. Breakfast was provided. It was half the cost of Conrad International where I use to stay. As this place was closed to City Hall MRT, I travelled with MRT to Changi airport. I had just a carry on luggage. Took me 40mins, one chnage of train at Tanah Merah, and cost S$ 2.10, compared to a taxi fare of S$ 24 when I came in. We arrived just between Terminal 2 n 3. I took the escalator up and I was at terminal 2. Not bad.
As we grow old, we have to save. I thought that it served my purpose, to help at SingLive, and yet not cost me an arm and a leg.
So this trip, not only did I learn about PCI and share experience, I also earn to adjust to new realities.
That is life.

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