Sunday, December 29, 2013


I was asked if medical doctors will help to provide medical backup for this assembly of people at Dataran Merdeka on New Year's eve.  This appeal came on the 25th Dec 2013. Because many of the doctors who usually help us were away on leave, I replied that this time, I am unable to help provide medical cover for the event.
That was that.

Then a friend of mine asked if we could take a walk to see the fireworks at Dataran Merdeka on New Year's eve as a Malaysian tourist. I said sure.

Before I received the invitation, I saw a news bulletine at the social media that the KL Police had found that the organisers had hand grenades and other weapon with them, I suppose implying that these will be used on New Year's eve event. I wonder why Dato Amar Singh and team did not proceed to arrest them. If true, they have clearly broken the law. Am I correct to assume that citizens need a permit to carry hand grenades and arms or even C4. Why did the Police not arrest the culprits, if what Dato Amar Singh say is true. Or is it NOT true? Dato Amar Singh and the Police can also set up screening facilities to make Dataran Merdeka safe for us Malaysian tourist. I hope the good Dato Amar and the Police is not spreading rumours or fairy tales. I hope not.

Then again, the government friendly press keep saying that this gathering is to overthrow the government. Does the government think that we citizens would believe this fairy tale that a group of young people, maybe 20-30 thousands ( that is what I am told ),gathering can overthrow the government. Even 52% of people who tell the government that we do not want you, still cannot. They just refuse to go. But hook and by crook, they cling on and stayed, despite 52% saying we do not want you. Now they tell us 20-30 thousands can overthrow them.

Ayooooooooooooh. At least make the fairy tale more believable lah.

Anyway, I told my friend that as a Malaysian tourist, I will go to Dataran Merdeka to walk around, lepak and see the fireworks. Of course if there are people there who needs my medical help, I and my friend will render them medical aid. That is my calling.

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