Friday, November 08, 2013


Subramaniam admits GST for healthcare, pledges minimal effects

Looks like GST is here, as announced in the Budget 2014. Remember,one of the proposals for 1CARE is to collect money through GST to finance the 1CARE.  Remember the 10% household income that we mentioned in our roadshow, and also GST + 7% for healthcare? So the Minister now says GST will affect healthcare minimally. But he forgot to mention that when you add 7% for 1CARE some years down the road, it will affect all Malaysians maximally.
To add further evidence that 1CARE is alive and well and on the way, next Monday and Tuesday, I have been asked to attend a two day meeting of the National Drug Policy committee on drug pricing and re-imbursement. Guess what this is for. It is for fixing prices for patient care in Public hospitals, to look at affordability, feasibiity, differential pricing and the like. I have not been given the agenda, so I am only guessing.
At the last DUNAS meeting one month ago, it was decided that pharmacist can substitute drugs that doctors have prescribed.
All these are steps towards a centralised healthcare service with central re-imbursement.
Basially, 1CARE is on the way. Sure looks that way to me.

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