Monday, July 15, 2013


There is growing evidence that air pollution is bad for the heart, besides many other ill effects, like CA lung.

Dr Anoop Shah and colleagues from the U of Edinburgh published their findings on air pollution and heart failure hospitalisaton and mortality, in the online edition of Lancet 9th July. They review 35 trials concerning air pollution with heart failure as their endpoint. They found that for every 10ugm/m3 increase in air pollution particles, there was a 2% increase in Heart Failure mortality. For every 1 ppm increase in air pollution ptcles, there was a 3.5% increase in CCF hospitalisation.

In another publication, Dr Raaschou Nielsen from the Danish Cancer Society published in the same Lancet, the correlation of air pollution with Ca Lung. They found that for every 5ugm/m3 increase in air particles, the incidence of Ca Lung increase by 18%. Alarming, is it not?

Can you imagine that cities with >10 million population have air particles of 100-300 ugm/m3.
What was the air pollution particles concentration when our API reach 700 recently? How many people were admitted and how many died. Remembering that this a an annual problem and has been with us, for the last 10 years at least.

I have always wondered whether patients with Ca Lung and those who were admitted with CCF or who died from CCF during this time of Haze, can sue the government or those responsible for the haze, for compensation?

Maybe that will help to increase their political resolve to fight the haze.

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