Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As far as I could follow, We have now good evidence of GE 13 fraud
               1. The indelible ink - I read that hundreds of Police report have been filed. I understand that filing a Police report is a serious matter. making a false Police report could lend one in jail.

               2. The famous "Black-out" trick. There must have been many blackouts on the night of 5th May. we have seen pictures of the blackout and vote counting at Sek Men Serdang, disputed by EC but defended by ADUN Noor Hanim. Also supported by Rafizi, who showed that Police reports were filed regarding mysterious black outs only in the room of the counting, and not elsewhere in the building.

                3. Now we know that there is "credible evidence" in 27 parliamentary constituencies -
"Appended below is the list of 27 parliamentary seats which this columnist obtained from a contact in Suara Keadilan who in turn had obtained it from PKR’s strategist, Rafizi Ramli:
Balik Pulau, Kuala Selangor, Baram, Sungai Besar, Pasir Gudang, Labis, Machang, Ketereh, Titiwangsa, Tebrau, Bagan Serai, Kota Marudu, Beaufort, Setiawangsa, Segamat, Ledang, Bentong, Kulim Bandar-Baharu, Pulai, Kuala Kangsar, Muar, Pendang, Hulu Selangor, Sabak Bernam, Merbok, Pensiangan and Saratok". Quoting from FreeMalaysiaToday.

                  4. YB Fuziah has reported that EC has by opening up different streams, encourage double voting. In fact one man tried and was allowed to vote a second time, although he did not, but made a Police report. This was in Sek Kebangsaan Sg Isap

                   5. Rafizi has produced police reports to show that EC agent had done counting of postal votes before 5th May at a Police Station in Alor Gajah

                   6. One early voting ballot box from an army camp had gone missing and did not turn up. A police report was made. This was in Grik Parliament seat, army voting station Pengkalan Hulu.

I will try and follow all the "credible evidence" produced, to see if the commonly perceived cheating that was going on in GE 13, is well supported by evidence. Looks like the Police will be kept busy investigating all these Police reports, or will they?

Will also keep you all informed. I really would like to know myself too.

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