Monday, May 27, 2013

Suara Rakyat. 25th May 2013. PJ Stadium.

We were again called upon to provide medical cover for this event.

However, I could only muster 5 doctors as many have gone on holiday, having delayed their planned holidays because we were all awaiting GE 13.
I was asked to report at 2pm, but since I was working in the morning, I asked to report at 3.30pm. Thank God. Little did I know that this was actually a pesta type rally which was a 6 hour affair.
I gathered the doctors at Starbucks Amcorp Mall ( convenience, and also get a drink before we start. It was only when we got there that I was told that from 5pm till 7pm, was entertainment and speeches by the various NGOs who were the organisers for the program. After 8pm was when the politicians arrive to give their speeches. I should have guess that as PKR was having their AGM at the PJ Civic Center a stones throw away.
Sitting in Amcorp Mall for about 90 mins, I divided the stadium into 4 parts. The other medic team will cover the VIP stand and also the stand opp the VIP stand and my team ( divided into 2 teams ) will cover the other two ends of the stadium ( the Amcorp Mall side and the PJ new town side ). By about 4pm, we could see many, many people milling around Amcorp Mall like us, all dressed in black. Similarly at A&W. The hawkers were already setup and doing a roaring business, selling black T shirts with all kinds of slogan, eselling drinks as it was hot, selling food, selling vuvuzela ( those nosiy horns ). I even saw a stall selling salted fish ( I wonder why?).
 At about 4.45pm, I decided that it was time to take up our stations, and we started to walk into the stadium. Soon the vuvuzela began to sound ( such loud noises ) and the crowd began to walk out fom where they were and began to assemble in the field and "Chegu Board ", the MC, began to speak and invite the crowd into the stadium. We then sang the national anthem. Somehow at this difficult period, singing the "Negara-ku" makes your hair stand a little.

                           The stadium at about 6pm. ( facing Amcorp mall side of stadium ).
                                          Grandstand on right hand side of picture.
It took awhile to fill the stadium. By about 6 pm, there must be about 20-30 thousand people in the stadium. The speakers and I think a few song performances by local artiste, were quite entertaining. The other entertainment was to walk around ( had to do my patrolling ), and read all the signboards on display ). The one I like the best was " Najib- the 47% PM . I thought that almost sums it up.
At about 7 pm, the MC announced that we will take a break for dinner and also prays for the faithful. So I took some members of my team ( a few stayed behind to man the station ) for dinner at Amcorp Mall Chicken rice, which was doing a roaring business, and also ran out of chicken. 
After food and drinks, at about 8pm, we returned back to our station. Then the politicians began to arrive, YB Nurul, Tian Chua and Haris, Mat Sabu, YB Dr Hatta Ramli, Ronnie Liu, and of course the crowd favorites, Ambiga and DSAI Anwar.

                   The stadium flood lights went off at about 11pm just before Anwar spoke.
   The size of crowd then ( estimate ), mine estimate about 50,000. The MC estimate about 80,000
Speech after speech followed, but not long ones, apart from Anwar. I think he spoke the longest. I do not remember all the speeches, but a few lines stand out.
YB Nurul - Please do not hate the UMNO people. Please pity them.
Mat Sabu - Hah hah hah
                   " Apa lagi Cina mau?" " semua orang Malaysia, Cina, Melayu, India tak mau you".
Sign Board - Najib - the 47% PM ).
Mat Sabu - CIMB stands for Cambodians, Indons, Myanmaris, dan Bangladeshis.
Amgiga - the indelible ink, is worse then the Pelikan ink?
                On that issue ( indelible ink ) alone, the EC should resign.
Anwar - We will never never never concede defeat.
Anwar - please all those who find that the indelible ink washes off easily, go and make a plice report. Monday is the last day. Also give us ( PKR ) a copy so that we can bring all the reports infront of the judge.
Anwar - Do you think that we should continue with the rallies?
Crowd - YES.
At about 11.45pm, when Anwar had concluded his speech, we again sang the negara-ku.
As for our medical performance, my team only attended to one asthmatic attack. I saw a near faint. Nothing more. Not much for us to do.

As I left the stadium, along the main PJ new town road, I went to thank the Policemen for helping control traffic. we have nothing against the rank and file Police. They are doing their duties as instructed. we are very much against the Top Officers, who in my opinion, are "Political" in their enforcement. I find it very difficult to understand, how you can detain Haris Ibrahim, Tian Chua ( detain violently ) and Thamrin when you did nothing with the Ex-Judge, and Utusan Melayu. That speaks volumes of how they carry out their duty. Anyway, I should not go there.

I reach home at about 12.30am. it was a long day.

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