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GE 13. MALAYSIA. 5th May 2013

Well, after much waiting ( 18 months for some of us ) Parliament was finally dissolved, and  nomination day was 20th April 2013. Polling day was announced as 5th may 2013.
The campaigns began and all the battle cries started, from UBAH, to Ini Kali Lah ( both originated from Sarawak, I believe ), and finally Ini Kali Lah UBAH. The turnout at all the PT ceramahs were fantastic, especially in the urban areas. The the slogan for the last 2 days ( promoted mainly by DAP ) was " Wu Yet Wu, Huang Zhen Fu". So we all ran healthcamps for YB Nurul ( Lembah Pantai ) and Dr Tan Kee Kwong ( Wangsa Maju ). Incidentally, both won.
Come 5th May 2013, I woke up early and decided that I should reach my polling station at Sek Menegah USJ 2 about 5 mins away, at 7.45am. Little that I know that about 100 people also had the same idea. By the time I arrived at USJ 2 secondary school, the q was already around two corners.

                                                   The Q at Sek Men. USJ 2 at 7.45am

                                      The crowd in the school when polling station opened.

In away, I was upset, must wait so long. In a way I was very happy, the larger the voter turnout, the better our chances to fight the " Fantoms" " Illegals " and the "Xtra ballot boxes", what I call the FIX. The government is trying hard to FIX us, and we know it, but cannot do anything about it, since they are the judge, jury and executioner. We have to beat them despite FIX, and the higher the voter turn out, the easier to fight FIX.
Anyway, at about 10 mins before 8 am, the school door was opened, and the SPR staff announced that senior citizens ( those above 55 years ) could go first to a separate Q. That allowed me to get to my polling room 2, faster. I got to vote, of course, Hannah Yeoh and Mr Wong Chien. Not that I like them, to be honest but we want to change the tenant at Putrajaya. For me, it was not the individual, but the party.
I cast my vote, and the indelible ink, it is a joke. Using tissue paper and mineral water only, I got half of it off. By the time I got home, it is almost all off, without effort of soap. I have seen many left index finger when I went on "Bangla Watch" which was clean as a whistle. Who are they trying to kid?
Anyway, after voting, I stayed around, as advised, to watch for Banglas / illegals who may turned out to vote. I hang around also to observe the SPR officers doing their job. Holding an MBBS, many accept me walking around outside the polling station, to advise and help and observe.
As it turn out, Hannah and Wong Chien came around, and was disturbing the SPR officer who was doing a good job. I tried to tell them that the SPR officials outside Sek Men USJ 2, were doing a reasonable job. They refused to answer and just stormed off. They may be very smart people, but there is much to learn about politics and how to be a politician.
Anyway, I did my "Bangla Watch" in USJ 2 till 12noon, then went for lunch, and then headed to help my friend YB Nurul Izzagh at Lembah Pantai. I did not know where the polling stations were in Lembah Pantai, so I just park my car at the busiest stretch of Kg Kerinchi Road, near my second healthcamp, and walked asking directions to the nearest polling station. As God would have it, I ended up at Sek Rendah Agama Sri Pantai, which is at the end of Jln Pantai Permai 1. I was obviously the odd guy out in that environment. I stayed there till 5 pm.
                                          Me on "Bangla Watch" at Sek Rendah Agama Sri Pantai.
I told myself to watch out for Bangladeshi looking characters loitering around, or coming in groups or vans, and then to call the Bangla Watch, Tahan number. Then the rain came. It was cats and dogs. Even the drain cover was washed away. While hiding in the shade with the people there, I found out that I was not alone. Many ( about 5, were also there on "Bangla Watch" ). There were a group - 3 of Chinese from Cheras, and a few Malays from Kg Kernchi, on the same mission. As God would have it, after 3 hours ( 2-5pm ), there were no Banglas spotted. We did not apprehend anyone.
I left my station there at about 5 pm, walking about 2 KM back to my car parked far far away.
Reached home at about 6pm, thru the NPE at the back of Sri Pantai.
It was dinner and waiting for the results.
The spirits was good. The voter turn out at USJ 2 and Sri Pantai school were good. I thought that we could score 90% voter turnout, making it easier to fight FIX.
I decided to use Malaysia Kini as my portal of choice.
The first sign of trouble for me, was the when MKini announced that the EC declared that voter turnout was 80% only. I began to feel that things may not go well. At 80%, we may not overcome FIX.
The results started coming in at around 8 pm, I think. Putrajaya was one of the first result, and that went to BN. At 22.45hrs, it was BN 27 PR 18. At 2300hrs 31 / 22, at 23.18 hrs 37/24, at 0014hrs 57/35, this did not look good. The gap was widening. I went to bed at about 1.15am when the score was 97 / 54. I was sick to the stomach, and my SVT came. They were near the Hill ( in billiard terms ), and we were not. I knew that we will not be able to change the tenant at Putrajaya.

Well, we could analyse why we lost? Why did we not do well in Sabah, despite the Sulu Occupation? Why did the Malays fail us and decided to remain with BN. How come PKR / PAS could not bring them in? Why are the Penangnites so different? They would not succumb to money politics and bribes, and I hear big bribes. Why do people elsewhere succumb to bribes so easily? Why are the people of Bangsar so brave that they came out to surround the counting center, so that the xtra ballot boxes cannot get in? So many many questions? So few answers.

I have just suggested to BERSIH 2.0 committee to have a black armband day, to remember the day when we were FIX-ed, by FIX - "Fantom", "illegals" and "Xtra ballot boxes".

BN may have won, but the victory is hollow. They cheated. I am quite sure.
I am also very very concern for the many brave Malaysians who spoke up during this GE 13 campaign and now face the prospect of jail terms and prosecution.


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