Monday, April 08, 2013


I would like to post some pictures of the Wangsa Maju Health Camp, just emailed to me by photographer, Dr Teh Ban Hup.

About 200 + from the Kedah Flats, Jln Madrasah, Taman Melati, turned up to have a health screen. We were surprised, that there were so many females who have never seen a gynae for a pap smear. Of course, there was the usual cardiac checks and BP checks and health advice.
One thing I learned as I was about to leave for lunch, ( 2pm ), was their car parking system. Subang Jaya residents could learn too from them. As I went to my car, properly parked ( cam early at 8.30am ), I found that a proton was parked infront blocking me. So of course, I was looking high and low for the driver. I did not have to wait long. The local resident, seeing my predicament, told me not to worry. He just calmly went to the proton, and push it forward, out of  my way so that I could leave. They told us that it was a local rule, that if you double park, you do NOT lift ( activate ) your hand brake. You also keep the steering wheel straight. Simple ya., BUT you must trust that people will not steal your car. In the Kedah Flats area, I suppose they trust one another, and know one another. In Subang Jaya SS 15, or in USJ Taipan, I wonder??

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