Friday, April 19, 2013


They are really making it very difficult for us to change the current government. The ROS ( Registrar of Societies ) have decided that they will not recognise the present elected DAP Central Working Committee. Rumours are all over town over the implications of this, and whether in effect DAP is being de-registered.
Well, to clarify the issue, I wrote to Mr Tony Pua, DAP National Publicity Secretary, for clarification, so that I can help to spread the truth. Here is his reply to my email.

1. RoS don't recognise the CEC and its office bearers.

2. To stand as a DAP candidate, to use the Rocket symbol, requires authorisation from DAP CEC/Secretary General

3. So if the office bearers are not recognised, how to issue "valid" letters for the candidates to use the logo?


4. We don't have to become PAS members to use the logo.  We are just borrowing the symbol for consistency.

5. If we don't borrow a symbol, on nomination day, we'll be all assigned as independents, with everyone having different symbols plus complications in multiple independents contested seats.


Well, lets see if this crisis is a real opportunity for DAP to win more votes. In every crisis, there is an opportunity. This government is really dirty. I will cross for the moon , if I have to, to change this evil government.

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