Monday, April 08, 2013


Over the weekend, first I was rather sick on Saturday with severe nausea, and severe lethargy so much so that I was forced to lie down for 2 hours. Not sure why? Hope that it is just a passing bug.
On Sunday morning, it was helping Dr Tan Kee Kwong at a Wangsa Maju Healthcamp as part of his campaign. In the afternoon, on way back from Wangsa Maju, my car broke down with 3 of  the doctors from the Health Camp as we carpooled. Anyway, the car is waiting to be towed to the workshop.
In the night, while trying to rest, I was browsing through the STAR and came across the BN Manifesto, particularly the Healthcare part. Of course, those are the things that I know well. Again, so shallow, almost as shallow as that by the PR party ( as I commented to YB Nurul Izzah ). However, the BN manifesto is conspicuous by what it did not say, the nasty word called 1CARE

You remember, about 2 years ago now ( Nov 2011 ), we went on a roadshow to inform the Malaysian Public about the secretly planned 1Care, as outlined in a Concept Paper 2009? The 1Care stated objective was,

How, after 4 months of campaigning, the government refused to engaged with us and the consumer group, and called us names. Finally, the Minister declared that the 1 Care will not be implemented soon. " We are not ready".
You may recall that the proposed re-structured system, involves changing the current two tier healthcare system, into a national health insurance system funded through the National Health Financing Mechanism. The controversial part being the proposed collection either through direct or indirect taxation of 10% average household income to fund this re-structuring. There was even a proposal to add "healthcare GST". When we highlighted this in our Nation-wide campaign, MOH denied, and said that they did not mean it that way. That they will re-study. At NO time did they say that they will abandon the idea.
Yet, in their released BN manifesto, there is NO mention of 1 Care at all. I can only assume that they are secretly cooking it even now, and should they win GE 13, they will fast track its implementation. Such is the cunning  of the present government. We saw it in 2011 when we went on the roadshow, and we are seeing a repeat now in 2013. Hide the truth and mislead them.

Would you trust such a government?

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