Monday, April 29, 2013


Having seen through the weekend seminar on Sunday, I rush down to KL Dataran Merdeka, to join my friends from Bersih 3.0 to hold an anniversary gathering. I reached dataran Merdeka at about 1.40pm. It was raining, and quite heavy to at that time, so I drove my car looking for the group. They had left Central Market and was on the march. I caught up with them at Dataran Merdeka, finally when they were having a small speaking break.

There were about 50 of us. We gathered at Dataran Merdeka for awhile. The leader was making a speech. I was sort of taking photos and shaking hands with my friends who welcomed me.

I recognised that most were from the group from Bersih 2.0 who went on the 100 hours fast to reach 31st august 2012. We were all expecting GE 13 to be soon then. The only prominent member there that I could recognise was my friend Maria Chin Abdullah. So we chatted for awhile.
Then the leader decided that we start our march from Dataran Merdeka to Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, across Jln Maharejarela. So we walked. Shouting slogans, holding placards, calling for free and fair elections, and to ask the "hantus jangan undi". Probably the most popular slogan was "Jom balik undi". we wanted everyone to go home to vote. We told the Police ( One police car and 3 police on motorbike ) who shadowed us " We love Malaysia". We tried to pass them balloons and bookmarks, but they did not accept.
It was peaceful, we sure had many photographs taken from I do not know who ( friends or foes ). I know that some reporters were there. The one I spoke to was from the Sun. many members of public honk as show of support. Some waved.
Finally after walking about 3 kilometers, we reached the Selangor Chinese assembly hall. There some of us spoke. I also said a few words when they asked me to. Calling on all present to influence their friends and family and neighbours and colleagues to all come out to vote. Vote with your eyes open.
It was also nostalgic, when we pass Masjid Jamek where many were brutalised with the LRT closed. You cannot help but feel so sad that a "so called civilised government" will do that to its own people. I felt sad. In fact that is why I was there. I remembered the many innocent Malaysians who stood up and was "banged down" on that day. And we are a democratic country. One wonders?
The other small wonder was when I post this as a comment on Lim Kit Siang's blog, it was censored and removed. I was disappointed. Why Kit? Why?

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