Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Like all naturalist, we are always looking for ways and means to maintain good health, if possible, without mechanical medical interventions or chemicals and drugs. Be natural, is the best, although that gets more and more difficult, as the environment gets more and more polluted.
Well, a recent study published in Hypertension, April 15, demonstrate this point. Dr Amrita Ahluwalia, from London School of Medicine and Dentistry, led a study into the use of beetroot to reduce blood pressure. Their work is based on the assumption that beetroot contains a large amount of nitrates and this can lower blood pressure.
They studied 15 hypertensives who were drug naive. Gave half of them 250 cc of Beetroot and the rest, 250 cc of water. Then measured their BP and found that those who had beetroot, had systolic BO reduction of about 11 mmHg beginning from 3-6 hours and lasting 24 hours. Te diastolic BP reduction was about 9mmHg correspondingly.
They noted that this BP reduction, in hypertensives was more than what they saw, when they studied beetroot BP reduction in normals.
However, please know that those who drink the beetroot may have pinkish urine as a mark. So in a way, this study is NOT blinded, and you should be aware.


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Winston said...

Doc, wouldn't those taking beetroot be at risk of diabetes?
Since beetroot is quite sweet.