Monday, March 04, 2013

PKR HEALTH CAMP 3rd March 2013.

The PKR Health Camp went well. We attended to about 200+ patients, mainly for medical checkup and assurances. The ECG was never used. The abdo scan was useful. My OG colleagues was able to pick up gynae pathology and refered them
I saw a severe hypertensive, BP about 220-140 mmHg and refered him to UMMC with strct instructions to him and wife to go quickly. There was also this pleasant old ledy with fasting blood sugar of 16.9 mmMols.L

The whole Camp ended at about 1pm. I was seeing patient number 44 then.
Of course YB Nurul Izzah was there talking to the press, and DS Dr Wan Azizah also drop by to conduct some eye checkup for the people. She is a trained opthalmologist in UHKL before. She also dropby to say hello.
The place was a little hot and I was sweating. It was fun.
Let us hope that this little bit helps.

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