Friday, January 18, 2013


Well, the whole country is waiting anxiously for GE 13, some more anxious than others.
Last night I was at the HR 112 debriefing for the medical team and it was interesting to hear all the stories, especially what happened at the stadium site. Apparently the Sultan of Kelantan made an appearance in support. We were also told that many " prominent doctors from HKL came in to throw their weight around, trying to take over the medical team command operations. Apparently, one kind doctor flew in from Sabah to help and one pediatric physician from Singapore also came to help, and join our team. Of course, we all know ( it was in facebook ) that the Minister of Health was unhappy that St John Ambulance was at hand to provide back-up. I wondered why he should be upset. It was for a common good. We are care givers, irrespective of political affiliation. Apparently, the Police was there for part of the decor, and did not help to ensure stadium security. The Merdeka Stadium Security chief who was suppose to help screen people before they move into the stadium, failed to turn up for duty, and his whole team was missing. We were very concerned that there was inadequate preventive security measures taken. If someone, had smuggled some fire works into the stadium and let it off, we would have a major catastrophe.
I was most upset. Such irresponsibility.
Of course, as God would have it, the weather was fine and the crowd well behaved.
Thank God. Or else, HR 112 would have a very different outcome, and impact.

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