Monday, January 21, 2013


I attended the DAP fund raising dinner at the PJ Hoki Stadium, on 19th Jan 2013. It was a momentous occasion as a large crowd turned out ( of course no mention in main media ), and a star studded cast also appeared, including DSAI, Mat Sabu and Lim Guan Eng. All in support of YB Tony Pua and team. Tony had the whole stadium covered with large tents. The tents looked very stable and strong. I suppose he was worried in case it rained.

The section of the crowd on my left. Ms Kasturi Patto is speaking.
The stage is at the center of the Hoki stadium and the speakers have no back drop. so they have to face all 4 sides.

                                           This is the section of crowd to my right.

I was told that the event attracted 320 tables ( about 3,000 people ). I had organised 2 tables there and also donated 1 table for DAP Damansara Branch to invite fence sitters ( afterall all of us are already converted ). I must say that the stadium was packed and we had to park a half mile away, although we arrived 30 mins before event.

                                                                      DSAI speaking.

                                                                    LGE speaking.

The speakers were good particularly DSAI ( Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ). I  thought that he was in top form, charming the crowd about the road to Putrajaya.
Donations from the floor, during the event, totalled RM 60+K.
All in all, it was a memorable evening. The food is mass catered, simple dishes. But then we did not go for the food.

Looks like this is the last political rally before GE 13. Lets hope that we make it. I heard this morning that Mat Sabu has hinted that there may be another rally, if the electoral rolls are not cleaned up. I am not sure what he means. Do we have to go out again?

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