Monday, November 05, 2012


 I read about a PR rally for clean, free and fair elctions from the mass media, sometime in October. Mat Sabu of PAS had announced that they are holding a rally in Bukit Jalil Stadium on 3rd Nov 2012. I waited expectantly, and heard no follow-up news after the initial announcement. Sometime 2 weeks ago, I asked around to see if anyone had any news. My friends in Bersih 2.0 informed me that there was a "ceramah" by PR in Seremban, Tuanku Abdul Rahman stadium in Paroi on 3rd Nov evening ( pasar malam) and ceramah at 8 pm. So I informed my friends and organise to carpool to go to Seremban for the Ceramah. We very much wanted to keep alive the spirit of clean free and fair elections.
As we all know, it started drizzling at about 4.30pm on 3rd Nov. At about 5.15 pm, Dr KB Ng arrived at my house. we drove to pick up Dr Shue, and together we set off in pouring rain to Seremban. We arrived there at about 6.45pm. Traffic was reasonable. We had dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant, on the outskirts of Seremban, and then headed to Paroi, Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman. As we arrived at Paroi, before the entrance to the stadium, we saw a large crowd gathering at the entrance to the stadium where there was what appeared to be a religious school. Cars were parked haphazradly at the entrance, so we also parked and planned to walk the rest of the way, in heavy rained, armed with a golf umbrella each. as we reached to "school", we found that that was not the ceramah. DS Anwar Ibrahim was giving a talk to some religious folks. So we walked to the stadium, asking our way from the locals. One local was kind. He informed us that the ceramah had been moved to Seremban Jaya about 2 miles away, nearer Senawang. So we set our GPS and went on again. In the heavy rain. Of course we got lost, here and there as the two GPS were not agreeing.
Finally, at about 8pm, we reached the Dataran Seremban Jaya, where we saw alot of cars, parked all by the roadside. The tell tale sign was the presence of many, many policemen. We knew that we had arrived. Seremban Jaya is a small township,  There was a pasar malam bazzar going on, and in the center was a square. Looks like 2 football field to me. I did not walk around as the rain was pouring and the field was muddy and water logged ( severe in some places ).

                                         Pic of me and Dr KB Ng, taken by Dr Shue using HTC Desire

They started rather punctually and the usual speeches began. My heart was warmed by the fact that despite the pouring rain, a large crowd had gathered. My eyes say about 5,000. The Beratia Harian quoted 20-30,000. Whatever it was there was alot of people. The usual shouts for change, stand up, clean elections and many other slogans were shouted from the stage and echoed by the crowd. The organisers apologise for the change in venue, stating that when they applied for the Stadium TAR, the authorities, said that there was a scheduled football game. When that was proven not to be tru, they said that there was a concert by M Nasir there scheduled. So they have to move to dataran Seremban Jaya, at short notice. We also know that, as we stand in the rain, there was NO concert in Stadium TAR. No M Nasir show. It was just an excuse.

                    Pic taken by me with Kit speaking on stage far away, using Samsung Galaxy III

When the program started, a few people made announcements and shouts. Of the speakers, I could recognise Anthony Loke, who spoke. Dr Toh of Bersih 2.0 gave a short speech. Datuk Samad presented a Poem. Mat Sabu spoke. Then Kit Siang spoke. I am told that after Kit Siang, it was Anwar to speak.We left at about 10.30PM as I had to do a ward round for the 2 in-patients in Sunway MC. We left while Kit Siang was speaking. By about 10 pm, when Mat Sabu came on stage, the rain had stopped..
Mat Sabu, in his usual jovial self, announced that this is the start of their push to Putrajaya. PR is now on a roadshow across the country, and the roadshow will culminate in Bukit Jalil stadium on 12th Jan 2013, where he promise that PR will bring 1 million people to Bukit Jalil stadium on 12th Jan 2013, for a massive ceramah, before GE 13.

We reached home at about 11.30pm.
It was a good nights work. we were happy that the spirit for change was not dampened by rain, sometimes quite heavy and water-logged, muddy vacant empty ground. The spirit for clean free and fair elections is also very much alive. 

Let us all prepare for Bukit Jalil stadium on 12th Jan 2013, then for GE 13, then for Putrajaya. I wish that we could all march to Putrajaya on 12th Jan 2013.
It was a good day. I got myself a "flu"

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