Monday, September 10, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, I was privileged to attend the launch of MPCAM ( Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia ). A group of doctors ( mainly GPs ) got together from public and private practice, to form this association, with the aim of "ensuring  that primary medical practitioners worked together and participated in the decision-making process, especially on the formulation of health policies" in Malaysia.
They held an informal and formal get-together to launch this MPCAM. The first part of the afternoon was quite a fun time, with games and dancing. Can you imagine us trying to follow the leader to do dance routines as a form of exercise. It was fun.

                                               MPCAM doctors doing some dance routines.

Followed after Tea break, by the more solemn formal part of the program, to launch and initiate the association. The VIP for the occasion is the Deputy DG of Health, Dato Dr Noor Hisham, who has been meeting them ( I am told ) quite often to discuss GP issues and also some of the future healthcare plans for the future.
Well, I encourage them to strengthen their numbers so that they will be recognised by the authorities. I really hope that they can bea catalyst to "gel" together all the various GPs and Specialist bodies, so that united doctors can have an important voice in Healthcare Policies.

When I sat there with them, I could see that they were energetic and dynamic, as if everything is "can want". We of the older school, is more sedate ( maybe depressed ), and guarded in what can be done. They are full of energy and vitality.
Well, of course, we wish them all the best, as they begin their journey.
As we often say, the wedding is over. Now the marriage begins.

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