Friday, September 07, 2012


The Police letter of support for USJ 2 RA.

When I read this, I wrote a letter to the Police Chief of Selangor, copy to IGP. Till date, I have yet to receive a reply.

When I read yesterday at the Star Metro, that the same CPO had also given another Police Letter of Support to USJ 6, I was concern if Police is now delegating housing estate security to RA. So I wrote a letter to the Editor of Star and also Malaysia Kini.

Dear Editor,
                             Whether crime is on the rise in Malaysia or on the decline has become a rather controversial issue, hotly debated by the police and government PEMANDU on the one hand and the opposition on the other. However, one new trend noted is the ease by which the Chief Police Officer in Subang Jaya is prepared to issue Police letter of support to Resident’s Associations in Subang  Jaya, to run their own security arrangements although these Resident’s Association do not have the majority support of the Residents. USJ 2 RA received a Police letter of support in July 2012 and I have written to the IGP for an explanation and have yet to receive  reply. I see mention of another letter of support written by the same Police officer, reported in STAR METRO today in their article on USJ 6 security.
                               It usually begins with some crime in the housing estate. These crimes are given prominence ( whether it is true or not is left to be seen), by way of banners, and the Police is invited to a meeting by a few interested individuals ( purported to represent the residents ). The Police, having listen to one party, issues a letter of support to that party to organize security services. The interested party goes ahead ( without ensuring majority support from 85% of residents ) in instituting measures which are obviously in violation of present regulations., using the “Police letter of support” as authority. These may be an attempt by the interested party, to use the letter of support as an instrument of pressure to pressure the local authority to grant permission, although they did not receive the  85% support of all the residents.
                                 This trend must be viewed with great concern. Is the Police abhor gating their duty of maintaining security to resident’s association? Do they not have the duty to investigate the crimes that were committed, before calling an area a “hot-spot” for crime? Should  they not investigate who the interested party are who wish to run the security services? Do these people have the majority support? Can they run a proper security service without impeding the life of the people in the housing estate, as regards commercial arrangements, traffic jams, schools, mosque etc?  Frankly speaking, some housing estates are not build to be gated? It just was not planned that way, and to do it now will bring much hardship to the residents, and also affect business.  Will they uphold the law properly? What then is the Police role regarding crimes in a housing estate?
                                    It must also be noted, that in issuing a letter of support, the Police have practiced a severe conflict of interest as it is their responsibility, and they are now supporting a third party to do it. Is this proper and is it correct? Are they out sourcing housing estate security to private contractors?
Dr Ng Swee Choon
8 USJ 2/6H Subang  Jaya
47600 Subang Jaya

 They have yet to print. Maybe it is not of Public interest. But this trend is worrying. Soon, the government will be outsourcing their responsibilities to thrid parties. Why then do we need to pay taxes, when security, education, healthcare, road transport, etc., etc,. are all outsource and we have to pay?
The Public should be aware of this. The Police must still be responsible for security. Sometimes you wonder whether security guards in Housing Estates are our friends or our foes. Not to mention that many security firms are linked to some "linked" individuals. RA committee members have also been known to award security projects to their own relatives and friends.
This is Malaysia.

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