Friday, August 31, 2012


Yes, we participated in Janji Demokrasi 30th Aug 2012.
I arrived at Tung Shin Hospital at about 8.10pm ( heavy traffic along Federal HWY ). From there, Dr KB Ng, Dr Steve Wong and myself walked to Jln Sultan to have some food ( dinner ) and then join the group at Jalan Sultan rallying for the "Save Jln Sultan" movement.

                                                     Dr Steve Wong, Dr KB Ng and me

From Jalan Sultan, at about 9.15 pm, we walked with the group to Dataran Merdeka. We arrived at Dataran Merdeka at about 9.45pm. There were already a crowd gathering. I would gues that at 9-10pm, the crowd at Jln Sultan, with the crowd around Dataran Merdeka, must number about 5-7.000. We reached the north end of Dataran Merdeka, where the fountain is. The police were there before us, and they have cordon of the entry to Dataran Merdeka near the fountain. However, we found that we could enter Dataran Merdeka, through the east end, and we did. From there, we decided that we will proceed to the south end ( the end nearer Kln Tuanku Abdul Rahman ), as we saw a bigger crowd there. We reached the south end, walking pass many groups of policemen, and they were smiling at us , and we wished them Selamat Hari Raya, Merdeka, and they replied politely. All was nice and friendly.
At the south end, we found an empty spot, near a kerb, next to the sign which said that " All activities in dataran Merdeka, are not allowed ). We sat there from 10pm till 12 midnight. As we sat there, stand and walked around, we could see that the crowd was building up from all corners. Our little piece of real estate, where we sat were slowly being invaded. Walking pass us were people from all walks of life, all races, all ages, some blowing their vudivelas ( they were loud and annoying ), taking pictures, conversing with the people next to you. We found Malays from as far as Kelantan and Trengganu, and of course, KL and Puchong. People came asking to take pictures with you and for you. We converse, small talk, and chatted. We were Malaysians together, without politicians to divide us.
It drizzled a bit at about 9.30pm when we were at Jln sultan, but it soon stopped. We actually met another group of Tung Shin doctors at Jln Sultan. I also met my old medic team commander from Bersih 3.0, at Jln Sultan.
As we neared 12 midnight, the crowd grew.

                              The crowd at the south end of Dataran Merdeka

I thought to me it looked like about 100,000 but my friends corrected me, and said that they thought that it was nearer 20,000. The Malaysian Insider mentioned 10,000. All I know is that I could only see along Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman as it was lighted, and there were people as far as the eyes could see. The crowd was certainly less than Bersih 3.0 and I think about the same or more then Bersih 2.0. There were two FRU water cannon trucks stationed at the south end of Dataran Merdeka, but they were just observing, like the rest of the Police force stationed there.
At 12 midnight, at the clock struck 12, there were some fire works, and loud horns. I was told that there were singing of the National Anthem at the North end, but we could not hear so we did not sing any songs.
At about 12.15am, we decided that it was time to call it a day. We walked back to Tung Shin Hospital to collect our cars and went home.
I learned that many come just to make up the numbers to give the government a clear message that the people want true democracy, and change through the ballot box. NOBODY WANT VIOLENCE and there was no violence last night. It would be silly and very careless and irresponsible of the government to ignore the large crowd that gathered there last night.
All of us were Malaysians last night.  At least for a few hours, we were truly Malaysians. Let our leaders learn that.

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