Monday, July 30, 2012


I am very privileged to be invited back to China again to do some teaching angioplasty cases and also give some lectures. So I may not have time to write my blog this week.
 I fly tomorrow to Beijing, from where I will be taken to visit Tianjin 1 hospital and Tianjin 2 hospital, to do some cases in each of the hospitals and also to give talks on Bifurcation PCI. From Tianjin, on 3rd Aug, I will fly to Hangzhou to join the 6th Qainjiang International Cardiovascular Congress, to do cases and also to speak.
This is indeed an honor and privilege and I am very much looking forward to it. We are simple people and this is indeed an honor. This is my first time in Hangzhou, and also first time doing multiple stops. Usually, it is one destination and one stop, per trip.
I will try and bring back some pictures. I am told that Hangzhou is very scenic. However, I am also very much aware that it is rain, rain and more rain in Beijing / Tianjin.
Well, lets see how things go. I am sure that the host will take good care of me. Chinese hospitality has always been very good.
"Ni hou"

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