Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I was just informed last night, that the manufacturer of the renal denervation machine ( the original one ), has brought the machine into the country and asked if I would like to start using it. Having been shown how to do it, I do not think that it is a difficult procedure.
I was rather concerned when it was demonstrated to me in Beijing, that there was significant pain, and so I will need an anesthetist to help. Secondly, I was rather concern that after ablating I do not know if I have succeeded and helped by patient, or have I missed and failed. There is no immediate maker of success, unlike angioplasty and other forms of surgery.
Anyway, I replied that I would like to learn more, work with the manufacturer to line up cases and to start a form of data collection and outcomes log book. I would advise that not all, Tom, Dick or Harry will try, try. We should start a renal denervation program here in Malaysia in the proper manner, for the good of the country and to protect patients from frauds and Shylocks.
I will certainly try and help them set up a program of " Renal Denervation in Malaysia".


bharatbook said...

Your post really helpful for my Renal Denervation Device Market Research and Development.

I Love Teh Tarik! said...

May I just understand what you said there is no way to tell that you've significantly helped the patient = you just do the procedure like in the manual, and there is no evidence (for eg for angioplasty, there is angiography to show before and after stenting) to show its success?

hmatter said...

Ya, Teh Tarik. That is my graet concern. After spending about RM 15K ( I estimate ), suffering some pain, I do not know, as a physician whether I have achieve my purpose. I have given a feedback to the company to say that we have to improve.