Monday, April 02, 2012


Well, last Saturday saw the first MOH roadshow on Malaysian Healthcare transformation. The notice to the public was 4 days. Obviously, the state own media was well informed and there in force. Obviously, certain segments of the Medical Community ( read the "yes"man ) were also informed and invited, and to speak.
I was speaking across town at the same time.
I was told by my colleague that it was all staged managed.The hall was half occupied. Dr M Jegatesan ( of Olympic sprinter fame. Now Pro-Chancellor of University Sains malaysia ) was the moderator. The speakers included, The minister of Health, who spoke first and launched the nationwide roadshow. The other speakers were Dr Nor Hisham ( deputy DG MOH ), Dr mahendren ( Academy of Primary Care Physician - the people waiting to get the authority to licence Primary Care Physicians ), Dr Molly Cheah ( from PCDOM, who received a grant from MOH to sell computer software to MOH ) and Dr Mary Cardosa ( whose MMA was de-registered and now have the de-registration suspended by the good offices of Minister MOH and Minister of Home Affairs ). Dr Chandra Muzaffar ( so called social activities, now turn BN mouth piece on social issues ) also spoke. Interesting.
There were few public present, obviously due to Chin Ming and also late notice and poor publicity ( cynical me feels that it was all planned that way, so as to get no opposition and for press coverage ). the whole state own media was present to cover the event.
The minister spoke for 30 mins and the panelist for 30 mins, and the chairman took another 10 mins, leaving barely 30 mins for the floor to ask questions. Trust them that there was MCA-like boys there to ask planted questions like 10% household income etc..

I was concerned that we have a government who wishes to take our money, but who dare not face us about it? Short notice, almost no publicity, holiday weekend, stage managed speakers all conflicted, full state media, no opposition voice invited? They are afraid of the truth. That makes us all even more suspicious that what is planned is not good for us. They dare not face us.

I also notice that the name 1Care for 1Malaysia is not heard anymore. It is Malaysian Healthcare Transformation, I suppose which will turn into 1Care should they win GE 13.

Anyway, there will be more roadshows ( I suppose ), and these lackeys cannot be at all of them, so there will be opportunities to oppose and have a fair hearing ( I hope ).

For the moment, we have to live with a government that is severely out of sync with the people, and who is afraid to engage them. They surround themselves with "yes" voices and feel that all is fine.
Well GE 13, will show them.
We need to change. Such behaviour should not be tolerated.

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