Sunday, April 15, 2012


This morning I attended a meeting of doctors and paramedics to form a medical team to be on duty in case of medical emergencies or medical necessities during BERSIH 3.0. It was heartening to note there amongst those at the meeting were Indians, Chinese and Malays. In fact we were 1Malaysia this morning. The organisers are expecting a crowd of about 100,000 to be present at Dataran Merdeka at 2pm on 28th April 2012. The doctors felt that they must do their bit, to help Malaysians who may become unwell during the sit-in. We certainly did not wish what happened in Bersih 2.0 ( the gentleman who died from a heart attack ), to be repeated.
I was pleased to hear that some 20 doctors have volunteered for duty during that day. We felt that we need 50 doctors and paramedics at least. So we are still looking for volunteers.
We were also given a briefing on what happened at Bersih 2.0 from some of those present this morning. I was very surprised to hear that the police had allegedly refused the St John ambulance permission to attend to the unwell during Bersih 2.0. I have no way of confirming this, but if this is true, it will be another black eye for the police. The point came up when I argued with those present that no one ( even police or Ministry of Health ) can refuse help and co-operate with us, the medical team, should the medical need arise. We also agreed that should the police and other non Bersih personnel need medical aid, we will be prepared to aid them medically too. I am certain that all of us will act as one ( Bersih or government ) , when someone is in need of medical attention or if anyone's life is threatened. Anyway, I hope that there will be no medical emergencies on 28th April at Dataran Merdeka.
So the organisers are now sourcing a medical garment for us, with the words " MEDIC TEAM ", and we are all getting ready to station ourselves at strategic locations of around Dataran Merdeka with our first aid kits.
We were informed that similar medical preparations will also be carried out in other towns and cities where Bersih 3.0 rallies are also being planned.
We would like to ask all who are preparing to attend Bersih 3.0 ( especially those with medical illness backgrounds - the asthmatics, hypertensives, diabetics, the heart patients, etc, etc ) to visit their own doctors before the 28th April, and make sure that they are stable and fit to attend Bersih 3.0, take their medications and if possible, have their emergency medications with them on 28th April.
We all wish for a peaceful Bersih 3.0 sit-in at Dataran Merdeka. We do not wish any untowards incidents.

I would also like to appeal to my colleagues ( medical or paramedicals ) to volunteer their help on 28th April. If you wish to help, please drop me an email and I will link you. We welcome all with medical skills or training. We need a total of 50 medical personnels.
Let us all come together as 1Malaysia for a clean, free and fair election, and also to render medical help to those who need us on 28th April at and around Dataran Merdeka.


Musafir Melayu said...

I would like to share this post to friends and families who may join the event, regardless whether they are joining for it or against it. :)

hmatter said...

please do. The choice is theirs

Dr SC Ng

drG said...

I would like to volunteer. How do I do it?

Baron VonShrimpy said...

Whats your email? Id like to help out - I have basic (tier 1) paramedic training from St John's Ambulance in the UK.

christy said...

Hi doctor,

I have some questions about volunteering. Could I please have your email address?