Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yesterday evening, from 5.45 pm till about 8.30PM we held a closed door meeting with DG MOH and his team, on Malaysian Healthcare Transformation. Throughout the discussion ( which was very cordial ), they did not once mention 1Care. The whole discussion was on Malaysian Healthcare Transformation. We support Malaysian Healthcare improvements ( or reforms ) We spend a bit of time, arguing about reforms ( improvements in small steps ) and they seem to like the word transformation.
Anyway, we gave them over two cents worth on improving the public health services, putting more money.
Of course the highly controversial Concept Paper came up for discussion, and they kept their line that it was preliminary and not to be taken too seriously, as it needed much fine-tuning. The numbers are by no means final, they said.
Amongst the many item discussed, Datuk Maimunah ( Deputy DG MOH - Research and Technical Support ) let out that there will be a roadshow this Saturday, 31st March 2012. Of course we expressed surprise, and asked for time and place. It will be 10.30am at Institute of Health management, Bangsar.
Of course, I said that I will ( at that moment ) be speaking in Subang Jaya at a 1care Public Forum, organised by the Resident's Association of Subang Jaya. They wanted to know details of the Subang Jaya Public Forum. When I suggested that I shall suggest to the SJ RA to shift their forum to Bangsar to join the Roadshow, she quickly said that the IHM hall in Bangsar was small, and cannot accommodate too many people.
I really cannot understand. Do you want a real Public Forum or not? You give short notice, no publicity, at a small hall? What then is you intention? Just a show, as the name suggest literally? Just a show?

Public Forum on " Malaysian Healthcare Transformation"
10.30am on 31st March, Saturday
Institute of Health Management, Bangsar.

Please, all those who can, please attend and let your voice be heard. I know that it is short notice and poor planning, BUT, do not let them say that we were consulted, no one turn up, and so all agree. Please go and let your voice be heard.

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