Monday, March 05, 2012


Much has happened over the weekend. I spoke in Kuching on 2nd March ( Turn-out about 150-200 ) and Dr Steven Chow spoke in Kuantan on 4th March ( turnout bout 150 )
At the Kuching meeting, the MOH send Dr Noordin Salleh to engage the public. His whole talk was to counter all my slides at my previous presentation, which they must have a copy by now and must have studied. basically, their view is that the 1Care Concept paper is only a preliminary paper and cannot be taken seriously yet. All the numbers there are estimates and will need to be re-calculated. I was very surprised that MOH will produce a less than serious accurate paper for the acbinet and National Economic Council. I have great respect for the Cabinet and National Economic Council and will not think of telling them hearsays and guesstimates.
Anyway, the minister of Health have again announced in Star today, to say that they are still looking into various models and that nothing has been decided.
Looks like we may have "kicked the can" down the road for awhile.
Thank you all for all your support.
There are still a few more roadshows coming up, and we are also re-evaluating our strategy, in the light of these recent developments.

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