Thursday, February 02, 2012


Today, at about 3 pm, we will be holding a press conference to brief the press on this "Tak Nak 1 Care" issue, and to give them press kits and more information. This will be held at Global Business and Convention Center too.
We have invited all the press - print media and also internet media. Lets see how many, and who appears.
I know that my letter to Star, in response to their article on Tak Nak 1 Care, 31st Jan 2012, was not published.
I have just been informed that Singapore New Straits Times has picked up our internet chatter on Tak Nak 1Care and they will be sending their reporters to attend today's press briefing.
Let us see if our own "big" boys turn up.

Also, remember the big event on 12th Feb 2012.

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