Monday, February 13, 2012


The forum went well. we started about 15 mins late, as the large crowd arrived and registered slightly slow. At peak, the attendance was about 550 in the main hall and about 100-150 in the hall below ( connected by in house live transmission ), so around 650-700 attendance.

The MB opening address was long but entertaining. The lesson learn was that if given to the BN government, 1Care may go the way of Corporatisation of Water ( Puas, Syabas ). He said that the syabas CEO was drawing RM700,000 a month. You can imagine the 1Care CEO drawing RM 1M a month.
Dr Xavier spoke, then me and then Dr Jayabalan. Giving the facts ( me ), and how the politicians ( Dr Xavier ) sees it and how the consumer ( Dr Jayabalan ) see it.
Many in the room were wondering what we should do next? We were under pressure of time, so question time had to be somewhat curtailed. We finished at about 6.45pm.

As for us the campaign goes to Ipoh next sunday.
We want the whole country to know about the 1Care 1 Malaysia Healthcare Transformation. Let the rakyat know and let the rakyat decide.

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