Monday, February 20, 2012


I spend my weekend conducting the " Weekend seminar in Cardiology for GPs 2012" It went very well. We had 800 pre-registered. On Saturday afternoon, at the peak, we had about 600 in the room, and on Sunday, about 300. the numbers were a little down from last year, maybe 5%. The use of the interactive pads was very well received. We work hard and executed it smoothly. The delegates like it. Now they can test themselves without anonymously. All the speakers arrived on time. Some of them spoke too long, but overall time keeping was reasonable. The sponsors were happy. I could see that some were doing brisk business selling digital BP sets.

I left at about 1PM to drive down to Ipoh to speak at the 1Care Public forum there. It was held in Rayan Hall, Jln Tun Perak. About 150-200 people came. there were 3 MPs there from PKR, Socialist Party and also PAS. So they heard all the information. What was disappointing was that MOH again failed to show, and the organisers said that although the letter of invitation was send, they did not receive any reply. At least in Selangor / KL, they replied that they are not able to send a representative. In Ipoh, no reply. I wonder what they mean by saying that they will engage with the people.
The road-show next goes to Kuantan. We are preparing for the 1Care public forum in Kuantan I think on the 4th March. I will post the flyer, once we I receive it. Again MOH is invited. Let us see if they will show up?

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