Saturday, January 21, 2012


The online edition of Circulation carries a scientific statement ( means medical advice by AHA ), on the issue of sex after a diagnosis of CAD or heart attack. The lead author is Dr Glenn Levine of Baylor's Houston.
Sex after AMI, or a diagnosis of CAD, is a rarely discussed issue by cardiologist with their patients. maybe it is a question of "shyness" as many of us are uncomfortable talking about sex in a consult clinic. Patients also rarely bring up the issue, probably for the same reason. maybe we all feel that sex is unnatural for a 60 year old ( the mean age of many of our patients ).
The AHA scientific statement asks that cardiologist discuss the issue of sex with their patient openly. I do not think that they mean "Karma Sutra" details, but they mean that we must understand that 60 or 70 year olds may still be sexually active and the cardiologist should assure them that that is natural, and that they can indulge in sex, just as they can walk up 2-3 flights of stairs. Perhaps, the only two categories of patients who should not are those still with angina, and those who are taking require "viagra" for stimulation and who are also on nitrates.
cardiologist must assure their patients that it is natural and OK to have sex with their partners.
After reviewing all the available, published data, Dr Levine and colleagues found that the risk of an acute coronary event is only very slightly elevated, but the benefit of a healthy sex life may outweigh the risk.
We must each live life to the fullest. Sex need not be avoided after a coronary event. Doctors must be comfortable talking about it and patients must have the courage to ask a very natural thing.

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After a heart attack patient is advised to ease off, and most important asked to avoid physical exertion, having sex after heart attack, know when it is safe.

Sex After Heart Attack