Thursday, November 10, 2011


I shall be leading a small group of doctors to attend the Parliamentary Select Committee of Electoral Reforms, on the afternoon of the 2th Nov.2011.
If given time and opportunity, I shall make a short presentation:



The election commission must want a free and fair election. Where the heart is right, the actions will be right too. The public is watching and they know when the heart is not right.

Make the elections free and fair. May the best man win.

1. Voters list ( A fairer Election Commission ).

- Only those eligible to vote, be registered and can vote. Clean the voter registry.

- Try your best to eradicate phantom votes.

- Close watch on Postal votes – limited to very essential services, like Arm Forces on duty with pre-announced certified list.

- Illegals being given ICs

2. The campaign :-

- Ample time to campaign- 14 days

- Ample opportunity to campaign- non-partisan mass media

- non-partisan Police - permits for rallies.

- No dirty politics in campaigning. Maintain decorum and fairplay.

3. Balloting

- Use of system to make sure one man one vote – use of indelible ink.

- Voting agents must be non-partisan and clean. Not deface voting paper

- No vote buying. Any report should be thoroughly investigated, if serious and true, re-vote again to maintain fairness of system, and culprit punished including prosecution and jail.

- Allow international observers, to ensure transparency.

- Collection of ballot boxes, must be transparent. No boxes missing or extra boxes appear late.

4. Vote counting

- Transparent. In front of public

- No sudden light failure.

- International observers.

- Any suspicions of foul-play, re-election following thorough transparent investigation involving all parties.

5. Post election disputes

- Royal election commission inquiry – Joint body involving politicians from ruling party and opposition, appointed by the King after consulting all parties.

- Public hearing, transparent and fair

- Inquiries decision is final, Re-election or no re-election.


Implement reforms as soon as possible, in time for GE 13


After the short presentation, we shall hand over a simple memorandum to the committee.

Memorandum to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral reforms


We are a group of concerned doctors, all citizens of this beloved country of ours, who have since independence observed the gradual deterioration of the election process which is vital to sustain the democratic parliamentary political system we believe in and subscribe to. We feel the election process at present is severely flawed.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to appear before you to submit our suggestions to reform and improve the present electoral system. We believe that these reforms, if implemented, will be good for the nation and the people .

A reform of the electoral process will require the full co-operation of the concerned public institutions/individuals vital for a free and fair election.

1. A totally neutral election commission that will act fairly and justly.

2. An independent judiciary willing to settle electoral disputes fairly should they arise.

3. A Police force that acts impartially to uphold the law equally when political parties on both sides of the political divide apply for permits to hold meetings to explain to the citizens their policies, and to take action on all individuals who break the law irregardless of political affiliation.

4. A mass media that allows equal opportunity for all political parties taking part in election campaigning, to have equal access to the television, radio and newspapers to explain their policies to the public.

5. Political parties and politicians who must refrain from “dirty” politics that slander, raise sensitive racial and religious issues, and use money to buy for votes.

The Reforms

1. Campaigning period should be at least 14 days. This will enable individuals and smaller parties with limited campaign machinery to have a reasonable chance to reach their constituents. Too short a period of campaigning will favour the big parties with their strong finances, and therefore will give them an unfair advantage. Of course the period campaigning cannot be too long. 14 days seems fair, given that many rural areas are difficult to get to.

2. Cleansing of the electoral roll. Electoral roll must be closely vetted so that only Malaysian citizens are eligible to vote. All phantom voters, dead voters must be expunged from the electoral rolls. Postal votes must be closely monitored so that the same postal voters does not vote twice or three times.

3. Use of indelible ink. This is to ensure that each voter gets to vote only once. It is simple, cheap and effective.

4. Automatic registration of citizens above 21 into electoral roll to enable all citizens above 21 to participate in choosing their representatives in parliament.

5. Postal voting to be made available to all eligible Malaysian citizens living , working and studying abroad.


We hope that our plea will get your full attention, and we hope that these electoral reforms will bring about a freer and fairer elections, in time for General Elections 13, due soon.

What do you call a large group of people from all walks of life, gathering near Parliament House and walking to the car-park, or parking their cars by the road side, and walking to Parliament house. If it is Saturday, wear yellow. Could this be a spontaneous BERSIH 3.0?

I do hope that many of you Malaysians will walk with us and also attend the public hearing of the committee, whether on the 11th or 12th November 2011.

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