Friday, October 07, 2011

Orbituary for the week

This week saw the passing away of two giants in different field.

Over the weekend, 2nd Oct 2011, Dr Willis Hurst, the author of the cardiology "bible", THE HEART, teacher of teachers, editor and influential American Cardiologist, died at the age of 90, almost 91 years. I use his textbook of cardiology to learn more about heart diseases. He will be sadly missed. I would like to record my condolence to his family and loved ones.

Of cause, on the 4th Oct, Mr Steve Jobs, the tech legend passed away. Besides an outstanding innovator and leader in humanising digital technology ( and almost all of us have felt his contribution), he is also the best marketing agent that I have come across. When he stands on stage with that black turtle neck and blue jeans, device in hand, he must be about the only guy ( non politician ), whose every word, can make the stock market go up and down. Not many can claim that. My condolence to his family and loved ones to. He will certainly be sadly missed. I fear that iPhone 5 ( if they get over the patent war with Samsung ), may be the last of the iPhone series.

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