Monday, September 05, 2011


The Annals of Neurology recently carried an article by the US Center for Disease Control, on the epidermiology of strokes. They dug into the records of all strokes reported,and there were about 8 million. They divided strokes presentation by age groups and revealed a few interesting points.
On the whole, stroke in in the increase, by about 30%, mainly in the younger age group. Hemorraghic strokes seem to be on the decrease. Of the increase in strokes, there was also a 30% increase in strokes in the 15-40 years age group. There seem to be an increase in stroke rates in the young. Strokes is no longer a disease of the 65 years and above.
UK also reported about 500 strokes a year in amongst their children admitted.
Of course, the interesting point is the why?? Why has stroke rates amongst the younger age group, increased?Is it the eating habits ( fast foods, MacDonalds, coca colas ), the remote control ( sit down no move ) culture? Lack of exercise? Obesity? Diabetes? I suppose we can all specculate. Along the way, almost 25% of the strokes were blood pressure related.
These data are coming to us at no cost, without any conflict of interset, and we should all take note of it.
The saying is true, the strokes are best prevented, and the large majority of them can be prevented.

Eat healthily, exercise regularly, keep your ideal weight ( BMI <24, Waistline <34 inches ). Plenty of greens veges, and fruits. No smoking and take to wine.
We all wish to live longer and better, not bedridden.

Take heed of the message please.

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