Monday, September 12, 2011

FPMPAM weekend seminar in Cardiology for GPs 2011, KUANTAN

I spend the whole weekend in Kuantan conducting the above seminar.
The event went well. About 92 signed up before the event but only about 80 turned up. I am told that by Kuantan's standard, that is good. The whole program went well. We started at about 8.30am and finished at about 6.20pm. many stayed till the end. The program had lectures, questions and answers, ECG tutorials, and CPR lectures and demonstration. About 4 doctors from Kuantan and 6 doctors from Klang valley formed the faculty. About 15 facilitators ( looks like schoolboys from Kuantan ), help to conduct the CPR demonstration. I must say that the Kuantan doctors were quite interactive and question time was well taken up. My lecturers did have some problem with time keeping. Some of them obviously needed some more practice. That is also a part of our aim, conducting doctor's seminars. I am sure that just as the audience gain ( and I hope so ), the lecturers also gain from the exposure. The feedback from the delegates at the end of the seminar was good.
The whole event was held at the Zenith Hotel, Kuantan, a very new facility, with adequate conference facilities. It was new, with a big convention center, and an office block adjoining it. I worry for the marketing department, as they would have to work very very hard to get enough activities, in small, quiet Kuantan, to make ends meet. That would be their biggest challenge in the years ahead. I must say that the hotel food could be better, especially when there are no hawker centers nearby and you are totally dependent on the hotel for food and catering.
I hope that the GPs there gain something from the meeting.
The pharma support was good, and they even organise a lucky draw to attract doctors to their exhibit booth.
The drive to Kuantan was quite pleasant. I took my Lexus Hybrid out as the BMX5 was in the workshop with air-suspension problem ( they cannot find out why my air-suspension was not activated ). It took me 3 and half hours to get there, and it was raining. But the drive was pleasant.
All in all, another successful meeting.
The next meeting will be in Kuching, 7-9th Oct 2011, for the ICF 2011. This will be at the Pullman Hotel, Kuching.

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