Friday, July 29, 2011


This is the other side of me.
I was at the Brickfields water fountain last night at about 8.30pm to lend support to the candle light vigil for the EO6 ( Emergency ordinance 6 ). The EO 6 signifying the 6 Parti Socialist Malaysia members who were detained since 2nd July. There were about ( eyeballing ) 2-300 in the crowd around the fountain, holding candles ( it is quite a skill to keep the candle burning against the breeze ) and posters to seek the release of the EO6. We were guarded by about 20-30 uniformed police, and also about 10-15 " red head" police. There were many on-lookers and also tourist, some of whom also came to light candles.
At about 840pm or so, the Police chief ( I do not know who or his rank ) came, and over a loud haler shouted that we all have to disperse in 3 mins. We then dispersed. There were murmurs that we should march towards Bukit Aman, but I never saw a crowd doing that, so I do not know if they did. We mingled for awhile and at about 9pm, I went home.
I felt very sad that 6 people, who did not break the law, can be detained without trial, and is still in detention. Of course I know Dr JeyaKumar, the son of my good friend Dr Devaraj, and the nephew of my mentor Prof TJ Danaraj. Kumar. as he is usually called, is a good doctor who cares very much for his patients. His services and conduct as a medical officer, is exemplary.
I wish that the Police / government, will released them, as I think they did no wrong. Or if they did, charge them with their crime, and bring them to court, so that they can defend themselves. We like to see the Police show prove that they did wrong, and if they did, we will surely support the Police in jailing them. The longer the Police wait, changing one offence ( planning to overthrow the King ), to another ( organising an illegal rally ), makes a mockery of their detention.
Do we arrest people and wait to see which crime they may have broken, and what to charge them with?? Arrest first, which crime ( let me think about it?) later.

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