Thursday, July 07, 2011


A recent study, published in the Journal of the American medical association, showed that an unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of 80% of the sudden cardiac death that we see, and implementing a healthy lifestyle reduces this risk by 92%.
Sudden cardiac death ( SCD ) is defined as death within 24 hours of symptom onset, without prior evidence of vascular collapse. Literally, drop dead.
Dr Stephanie Chiuve and colleagues from the Harvard Medical School, Boston, studied a subset of the US nurses health study cohort. They picked out 81,722 nurses enrolled in the Nurses Health Study, followed them from 1984 - 2010. Did 2 yearly diet and general health questionnaire, to ascertain their diet and also exercise protocols.
They found that over 26 years, unhealthy lifestyle was the cause for 80% of SCD. If the nurses improve on 4 parameters, they may avoid SCD by 92%. The 4 healthy parameters are, stop smoke, a BMI of <25Kg/m2, exercise 30 mins or more daily, and a Mediterranean diet. Keeping these 4 parameters for females would reduce the risk of SCD by 92%.
This study again proves the usefulness ( as if it needed anymore proof ), that a healthy lifestyle is good for us. I suppose the 4 parameters are not difficult to achieve, so we should all try our best to achieve it, unless you are one of those who will keep a healthy lifestyle till age 75 yrs, and then hope for SCD as a good, peaceful end. That would be programmed suicide aided by good medical knowledge, which I better not comment. To each his / her own life philosophy.
As for today's lesson. a healthy lifestyle, involving 4 parameters, can reduce SCD. These 4 important parameters are stop cigarettes, keep body weight <25 Kg/m2, exercise 30 mins or more daily, and eat a Mediterranean diet.

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