Friday, June 03, 2011


There are a few developments out there that merit some comments, just for public interest.

1. The present food scare in Germany and northern Europe is serious. I cannot understand, why after 1 week, they still have not got a handle to it. Either the healthcare system is bad, or it is not an infection. from what I know ( just reading from the lay press ), it would appear that some bacterial ( probably E Coli ), has contaminated some food ( looks like fresh vegetables ). Blaming Spain ( with little evidence ) just side track the issue, and wasted valuable time. This bacterial, when ingested, seem to cause red blood cells to break down ( The hemolytic part of the problem ). When red blood cells in the body breakdown in large numbers, the kidneys ( the bodies clearing house ), is suddenly flooded with a lot of large protein molecules ( the hemoglobin and its breakdown products). This severe protein load, damages the kidneys causing the kidneys to shutdown ( the uremic part of the problem ). It is rather unusual for E Coli to do this. The common food poisoning E Coli is present in food contaminated with excreta. It causes diarrhea, and is got rid off. It usually damages the intestines and the body handles it well. In the intestinal phase, they cause diarrhea. It can enter the blood stream, and poison the blood ( septicemia), this is already the severe form, and for it to damage red blood cells in large numbers, is very unusual. I hope that Germany has a good public health department to trace the source ( usually you can ). The infection must come from a certain locality, because it is usually food contamination. They must locate and isolate that community from where the infection seem to arise. as a public health measure, all diarrhea must be reported, and cases traced, while the individual cases are treated. There is a high likelihood, that it is contaminated water.
In the meantime, all visitors to Europe, and Germany, should only eat well washed, well prepared cooked food. Cooking kills E Coli. Hemolyic-Uremic syndrome, is a very serious condition. You do not wish to mess around with it. Prevention is much better then cure.

2. The New York state authorities, is banning the use of food coupons to buy fizzy drinks, in an attempt to prevent obesity, especially childhood obesity. This I believe is a step in the right direction. Of course there will be a hue and cry from the industry and also the teenagers, virtually addicted to coca cola, and all forms of carbonated drinks. But I believe, a right direction, as the epidermic of obesity, is causing to much money to healthcare. Maybe over here, the government should impose a higher GST on frizzy drinks ( when GST does come ), so that people will be less likely to take frizzy drinks.

3. Calling all local and overseas Malaysians. Please register to vote. Who you wish to vote for, it is your free choice. But please register and please vote.
Calling all overseas Malaysians who are eligible to vote, please register to vote. When GE 13 is announced, please take two days ( if you are in the Asia Pacific region ) leave, or 1 week ( if you are out of Asia Pacific region and across more then three time zones ) leave. Fly in, vote and return the next day or next week, to work. We need all your help to change this government which has become dysfunctional.


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