Friday, April 29, 2011


I would like to apologise to my readers as this is a medical / cardiac blog. However, I am very upset that the authorities are doing nothing when a bunch of criminals are posting porno videos at will, and the national media is even showing it on national TV. How can this be?
There are obviously two sets of laws in this country. One for the ordinary folks and another for the UMNOPutras.
I am of course referring to the sex video that is receiving headline news. ( THERE IS NO NATIONAL SHAME ANYMORE ). It is no longer an issue of who is the actor and the actress or the Omega watch. It is now a question of abiding by the law.
How can a bunch of connected criminals be allowed to break the country's law at will and with impunity. I am very sad that the police and government seem to be involved, if not by commission, surely by omission. If a porn VCD seller can be arrested ( harshly ), packed into a black maria, off to a police station, for displaying porn VCD, what more of individuals, screening VCD for public viewing, uploading into blog sites, even have them screened on TV3, without any reaction from the police and government. And what more, with the whole world watching.
What will foreign investors, foreign governments think of us?
Do the UMNOPutras and the government and the police care? All these because of some personal vendetta, and also just to discredit the opposition leader? Is it worth it, to destroy the country's image, just to stay in power? How desparate are you?
Does the police and government care that non of us citizens agree with the Datuk Trio and also all of us respect the Police and government even less now. How can we trust the Police, when there is one set of laws for them and another for us. Some are obviously above the law. They are still ( after 3 videos shown ), walking free and appearing in public with arrogance and impunity.

Dear government, dear Prime Minister, please wake up. Please do the right thing. The Datuk Trio have to go to jail and face the full weight of the law. Enough is enough.

Needless to say, I am very upset, as I love Malaysia, my country, and my own government is discrediting the country. They are not concern about our National and International image anymore.

God please help us to restore some sanity to Malaysia.
The next general election is coming. It is time to change the Tenant at Putrajaya.


Michael said...

No apologies needed, you speak for most of us. Well said


pilocarpine said...

well said, but i doubt there's any major weightage in blogging about it.