Thursday, February 17, 2011


Starting form tomorrow, we will be housed in The Grand BlueWave Hotel in Shah Alam for the weekend, to finalise the amendments to the 13th Fees schedule. When I received the invitation to attend, I was very disappointed that a whole host of specialist and MOH officers invited to the meeting. Many have never participated in any of our previous discussions.
I am very concern that we will be wasting precious time, going over the basic rules and term of reference again, the whole weekend ends with no conclusion and the MOH will exercise their right of final say, because we cannot agree amongst ourselves. I also see new items and Fees proposal just submitted.
So, I am afraid that I have just wasted another weekend of my life.
Anyway, if we should agree on a final amendment to the 13th Fees schedule, then the final draft will be submitted to the minister by 1st march for him to make present to the cabinet and thereafter to make a press statement / announcement in March 2011. It then becomes a part of law.

Wish us luck, patience and energy.

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