Friday, December 10, 2010


We had our first organising committee meeting last evening for next year's " weekend seminar in Cardiology 2011". It was a business like meeting, conducted by Dr Lawrence Chan, and it started on time and lasted about 35 mins. I must say that very few meetings are so business like. Then again, this is our 10th weekend seminar, having started in 2001, so we are use to the formatt and what needs to be done. " Weekend Seminar in Cardiology 2011 " will be held from 2-3rd April 2011 at the Sime Darby Convention Center.
I was taken that it cost about RM 130K to fund this two half day cardiac seminar for GPs and government doctors. It is held under the auspices of the Private Medical Practitioners Association Selangor and KL. Of course, the host does not pay for the cost of the meeting ( she cant, having about 800 members, and collecting a subscription of RM 60 annually. So I spend much time last week ( I am sure Dr L.Chan and Dr Hew FL were doing the same ), ringing up sponsors ( pharmas ), to help sponsor the meeting. Finally, we managed to raise about 18 sponsors ( not a bad number ) and so each pharmas portion is about RM 8,500. We like to try and keep the cost per pharma down to below RM 10K. We must not waste and be too pricey.
So over the next 1 month, we will have to get the program out, so that the pharma sales force can go out and personally invite their target GPs or medical officers, and trainees doctors, to come and attend the seminar under their sponsorship. We expect to enroll 1,000 doctors for the meeting. That is partly why the cost is so high, as we are targetting a large crowd. After the successful completion of the seminar, a simple dinner is held to thank the sponsors and also to show the accounts, so that we are transparent.
We have been using this formula to organise medical meetings ( low cost, multiple sponsorship, large crowd and great transparency and accountability ), hoping that other medical association will do the same. The aim being to stretch the sponsorship dollar. The pharmas are facing much difficulties to meet their bottom line and I suspect, it will not be long before pharmas will being to tighten the belt ( as if it is not happening now ). I have never understood how people can justify asking companies for RM 200K ( or even RM 1,000K ) for sponsorship. I can do so many CMEs with that money. Anyway, I suppose we are all made differently. I only hope that they are all transparent and accountable. Some association pride themselves in acquiring great wealth, from pharma sponsorship money, I am not sure why? Anyway, we shall not bother about them.
As for the " WEEKEND SEMINAR in CARDIOLOGY 2011" it shall be held from 2-3rd April 2011, at the Sime Darby Convention Center. All those who wish to attend please take a note of the dates, and keep it free. Dinner and lunch will be provided for saturday night and sunday afternoon, as sponsors have taken up the lunchtime and dinner symposium, to market their product. Hope to see some of you there.

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