Thursday, December 10, 2009


In an attempt to get the Malaysian Cardiovascular Interventional community together, we have been organising the " Interventional Cardiovascular Forum " annually for the last 5 years. This years meeting is the fifth. There are many of us, who being senior, felt that by meeting together and discussing our tough cases, we can share experience and so shorten the learning curve for interventionist in the country, thereby improving patient care. The industry could see the aim and their support through the many years have been unwaivering. For this I thank them. We also appreciate them by being very transparent in our accounts, working with one of them as a secretariat, so that they know how the money is being used. In the early part of 2009, we saw that an economic recession is coming, so we decided that we need to cut down cost and meeting at a more affordable venue. Previously, we used to meet in 5 star hotels in Langkawi.
Little did we realise that interventional cardiologist are a rather pampered lot ( how did I not know that ). They would rather holiday oversease or only in 5 star hotels. One large group feels that they know all, and so there is no need to meet to discuss work. They felt that once they have done 10 angioplasties, they are experts for all time, and earning money, holidaying overseas is more important. Another large group of seniors are either uncomfortable sharing with their juniors or felt that there is no need to breed competition. The last group just do not wish to take time off. They just want to work, hang around waiting for work and just keep to their own work shell. This is the state of Interventional Cardiology in Malaysia. The apathy and " I am OK, please leave me alone mentality " is so prevalent. Even amongst us professionals. Mind you, this whole weekend is all sponsored, so that the interventionist do not have to pay ( maybe that is the problem. ? cheap things no good mentality ).
Nonetheless, before I sound so gloomy, about 50 of us ( target is 60 ) will gather tomorrow morning at the " Jelatek Room " at Awana and start our lectures and discussion on our cases. There will be exhibitor's table and displays. There will be three foreigners in our faculty, and about 13 sponsors. If previous experience is anything to go by, there will be interesting cases, some with good results, some disasters, some new way of doing things. Things to learn, I am sure. There will be update lectures from experts, both locals and overseas. This weekend should be a learning experience. In the evening, we meet informally over dinner to renew acquaintances. We felt that friendship was important as a community so that we can continue to share with each other and consult each other formally or informally for the better care of our patients.
I hope that all goes well, and we all learn from each other, and improve our patient care.