Monday, November 02, 2009


Over the weekend, we hear of two unpleasant news. Firstly on saturday, it was reported that a young boy from Penang, Master Edward Khoo, when to take a nap and never woke up again. You will remember the 10th Oct 2009 posting when we discussed preventable cardiac death. It is very like that the terminal event is primary ventricular fibrillation ( a condition where the ellectrical conduction system in the heart just goes chaotic, causing the heart to failure to contract in a co-ordinated manner, resulting in sudden collapse of the whole body circulation, resulting in death ). Such situation can occur from intinsic heart muscle disease ( we call cardiomyopathy ), or heart muscle disease due to secondary causes like virus infections ( including the seasonal flu virus ), chemicals and toxins, it may also be congenital ( meaning that he was born with flabby heart muscle, with vulnerbility to arrhythmias ( irregular heart rhythm ). We also mention in the 10th Oct article that sometimes the heart is normal, but they have heart muscle vulnerbility to ventricular fibrillation. Anyway, this death is most unfortunate and I hope that all the members of the immediate family will go for a thorough cardiological assessment to make sure that no one else will suffer this unfortunate fate.
The second event, reported on saturday too, is that of my former neighbour ( datuk Mohd Nadzmi ) who had traveled to Chenai on a trade mission, and came down with a mild stroke. He was hospitalised in Apollo Hospital ( one of the better private hospitals in Chenai ), and I understand from the news report today that he is making good recovery and should be ready for discharge in a few days. That certainly is good news and we wish him a speedy recovery. Nadzmi is a nice neighbour, very friendly and considerate, and have done very well. Coming from Kelantan ( I think ), he had successfully climbed the corporate ladder to become the chairman of Proton and also the MD of many other listed companies. He is also the chairman of BAM. He is chubby and obviously under tremendous stress. I have always joked with him ( he is always smiling ), whenever he invites us for his Hari Raya dos that he must watch his diet and get a medical checkup. A man in his position. I suppose after this scare, I am sure that his doctor will put the fear of God into him and have him lose weight and also handle the stress better, so that there is no repeat. well Nadzmi, get well soon. And please follow the doctors advice. Strokes can be prevented.

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