Monday, November 23, 2009

A H1N1 PANDEMIC : UPDATE 23th Nov 2009

The last update was on 23th Oct 2009
I thought that I should brief all of you on what's the situation.
Basically, nothing much. The US winter has began. We see the usual seasonal flu outbreak. We now cannot tell which virus is causing it. You see, in the face of the WHO declaration of pandemic ( a severe oversight or conspiracy, you decide ), doctors no longer do test to establish A H1N1. We only diagnose them as " Influenza-like illness OR ILI " and treat them. As a result, they are all now ILI, whether it is A H1N1, seasonal flu or other viruses. However, we know that the infection is mild and there is no increase in deaths. In the US, flu vaccines are optional. All the hype every now and then is from the media and pharma to keep the threat on. In China, there is an increase in reported cases. Because the deaths in the first phase ( August-September ) was so low, there is an increase in mortality. What we are very puzzled about China, is that there seem to be an increase in infection and yet, it seems to be all in China. With globalisation and mass transportation, some of it would have spill over to Hong Kong or Taiwan or even ASEAN countries. Yet we do not see that. The flu-virus is a very contagious virus with very high infectivity. One wonders whether the increase in ILI in China is due to the vaccines as China have undertaken to mass vaccinate.
As for Malaysia, we see a bit of ILI but no mortality. Things have quieten down, despite the rainy season being here in full force. In fact, it looks like Cholera, Dengue and the MCA crisis may be more important issues for YB MOH, than A H1N1. When we were talking with YB MOH, he was concerned ( and rightly so ) that with the raining season in Nov., we may see phase 2. So far ( thank God ), that has not materalised. Our vaccines, well just stock it properly, I hope. Better not to have to use it.
Since Oct 2009, there have been many web-postings of the harmful effects of the vaccines. I am sure that those of you active on the " net" would have read some of them. I have read many of them. I suppose, there is no smoke without fire. I will not elaborate on the potential harms with the vaccines. Looks like there are many out there who believes in the " conspiracy " theory.
Well, thank God that all is well, at least for the moment. However, we should all remain vigilant and keep up our standards of personal hygiene.

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