Saturday, May 02, 2009


This issue is really not cardiology, but is of public concern.
To me, this so-called swine flu/Mexican flu/Flu A, it is looking more like another of those American / WHO ( US compliant) and ?UK scam. Yes, there are a few cases of "flu" in Mexico, just as there are a few cases of flu here. Every year, during winter and spring, deaths from "flu " are common and in the USA, hundreds die from "flu". There were 7 H1N1 confirmed deaths in Mexico, 1 in USA ( a Mexican ). Does this sound like a potential epidermic ( let alone pandemic ) to you?? BTW, the association to swine has not yet been worked out. They suspected that. I dare say that the record keeping in Mexico is so bad that we will never know. Now we have the whole world on alert. Airports are checking for "swine flu". How are they going to differentiate ordinary flu ( that all of us get every now and then ) from Swine flu? Does it mean that anyone with fever on a flight and who ( unfortunately ) had some link with Mexico, has swine flu? Can you see how scientific is that? By the time the virus is identified, it will be 2 weeks. In the meantime, the unfortunate "victim" is quarantined, and isolated. Can you see the price that common people have to pay?, because of the scare by the Americans? Let me assure you that the H1N1 virus, if it is really that one, is the common base for many virus, and you cannot differentiate the signs and symptoms caused by this virus from the rest. So the association in someway with Mexico, is what makes them say "Swine flu", eg a Mexican on your flight, you shook hands with a Mexican, you stayed in a hotel with someone who was from Mexico, etc. etc.etc. How scientific?
Why then did the ugly American do this? Looks like it may have to do with their pharma and their high level connections. It is wellknown that powerful politicians in USA with shares in large pharmas, and in the company that makes "tamiflu"the flu vaccine, ( which by the way helps little ) has something to do with this. Remember, when the swine flu was announced last week, the Dow Jones went down, but the pharma stocks when up. The US pharmas are making millions when common folks in countries where the economy is trying to recover, is being quarantined, cant get to work. The countries trying to recover spend more money on a scare/scam. The economy will then take longer to recover. Learn how you can trick the world and reap profits if you are strong and powerful, when you can influence the media, and even twist the arm of WHO. If this is not a swindle and a scam, what else is. I am disappointed with mr Obama. He has been misled by his advisers.
Oh, the common measures to be more healthy and adopt hygeinic techniques,is correct and proper. We should all be careful, wash our hands, keep good hygeine, do not share handkechief, drink plenty of water, get enough rest, etc., etc., all that is good for us for all time. But there is no epidermic, no pandermic.
7 confirmed H1N1 deaths in Mexico ( the index country ), a hundred plus cases in Mexico, a few tens of cases in USA, Canada, a few here and there, Does it sound like a pandermic to you. Every year flu season probably has more cases and deaths than these.
I wish that the Malaysian Government will see through all these underhanded American tricks and not waste too much money. Promote general hygeine and be on the alert, for all unusual illness would be a good thing.
Swine flu, what swine flu? Pandermic, what pandermic. Another American / WHO / BBC-UK scam and swindle.


Palmdoc said...

Tamiflu is of course as you know not a vaccine.

Mu said...

"HONG KONG--Yi Guan has plenty of experience at ground zero of an epidemic. In spring 2003, the virologist at Hong Kong University (HKU) isolated the SARS virus from masked palm civets in a wild animal market in China's Guangdong Province. When the virus flared up again in late 2003, his team's recommendation to slaughter all captive civets in the area may have been the key to stopping SARS in its tracks: The virus has not reemerged since."

This is an interview about his thoughts on H1N1 as a PhD in influenza. He seems rather concerned by it and thinks it should have been classified as a pandemic SOONER.