Friday, January 09, 2009


I do have an interest in " nutriceuticals ". I am quite impress that certain food substances can have medicinal value. A good example being fish oil and prevention of CAD and wine and prevention of CAD. The Dec 17th edition of " the nutrition journal " ( a small journal ), reported a study by Dr G Black from the University of California at Berkeley, that Vitamin C levels were inversely proportional to BP ( both systolic and diastolic ). It was a small study of 240 young girls between the ages of 18-21, who were followed for 10 years and had their 10th year annual ascorbic acid levels taken. It is important to note, perhaps, that more than two thirds of the cohorts were afro-american and the average BMI was 26 ( slightly overweight ). The 10th year ascorbic acid levels were inversely correlated with BP. Meaning that those with high ascorbic acid levels had significantly lower systolic and diastolic BP.
Of course this is a small study and Dr Black herself said that at best, this is hypothesis generating and will require a much larger clinical trial before it can be conclusively proven, Of course the dilemma, in our present system is, who will undertake such a trial as there can be no patent on ascorbic acid. It is found in all friuts.
Well, I was happy to note that my often quoted advice to patients to take as much greens and fruits, so as to reduce BP ( the DASH study ) has been supported by this small study.
If you wish to lower your BP, by up to a level of 10mmHg, take more greens and fruits.

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