Friday, January 16, 2009


The US FDA has just issued another list of products used for slimming which may harm more than help. The list includes - Phyto-shape, Extrim Plus 24hr Reburn, Body Creator, Body Slimming. I gather that most of these are formula diets that is sold over the counter ( OTC ) for those who wish to have a quick fix for obesity, without the rigors of diet and exercise. Please be warned that many of these quick fix diet actually contain medications which can harm, if used without medical supervision. Many of these diets contain Sibutramine, phenytoin, phenolphthalein, bumetanide, and these drugs have side effects.
I suppose all these OTC products become popular partly because we are emphasizing the rising incidence of obesity and also the dangers of obesity. Some opportunistic businessmen ( or women ) see the possibility of making some quick money, without thinking that it can harm. There is no easy solution to losing weight. Diet and exercise still remains the best, cheapest, most effective and healthy way. The sweating is what makes it work and also makes it worth while. I tell my patients ( many of whom are not so educated ) that all they need to do is work out a sweat 3-4 times a week. Yes, we know about 15 KM a week on divided portions and keeping a heart rate of 120-150 / min, etc. but for some, this remains too technical. I am very glad to see so many gyms and fitness centers sprig up and marketing and recruiting members. This is a healthy signs. I also have heard of many fitness centers that have short-change their patrons. What to do, there are always uncrupulous businessmen ( or women ) out there.
Anyway, beware of all the slimming diets marketed out there. Check the product labels carefully. If in doubt, avoid, despite all the strong recommendations from " friends " and all the anecdotal reports of great outcomes.
There is no shortcut to losing weight. Diet and exercise remains the best for all of us.

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