Monday, September 15, 2008


At the recently concluded European Cardiac Society Annual Scientific meeting, Dr A Bjonberg presented the Euro CVH index. It is very pleasant to note that three small European countries, viz Norway, Luxemburg and Switzerland, lead the way in cardiac care. Yes, France is about the only big country in the top four. These top 4 do spend alot on healthcare. UK is still in the top ten. Looks like the Germans have some catching up to do. This Euro CVH index is very much a look at healthcare, from the consumers viewpoint. The amount of money spend on healthcare, the delivery of healthcare, the standard of healthcare, etc.
I thought that it was nice to know. Our own spending of 3.6% GDP on healthcare, is way behind the top 4, so we will probably be at the level of Poland ( if we are lucky ). It will be interesting if someone will carry out a survey and tell us where we stand.

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