Friday, September 26, 2008


This is an interesting alternative medicine approach to management of CAD. Chelation therapy in the alternative medicine approach to the management of CAD first started in 1955. I must say that, it is quite popular in Malaysia and I am often asked about the cardiologist opinion on this. We have been waiting for many years to get some class 1 evidence on this. As there is no Class 1 evidence till date on this treatment modality, I have chosen to quote per verbatum, what I read, so that I do not add salt and pepper to the problem. In keeping in touch with this issue, I have just read this in the internet, website.
" Enrollment stopped in NIH-funded trial studying chelation therapy for treatment of CAD" This headlines appeared in the latest edition of The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), an organization that promotes findings and emerging procedures in complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine, issued a statement about the stoppage, but with it raised the possibility of wrongful conduct. end of quote. I think that they are refering to the TACT, which is a randomised placebo controlled trial of the effects of 40 infusions of EDTA on MACE and heart failure admissions in patients with CAD. It would appeared that there were some impropriety in the funding and conduct of this NIH funded study, and looks like we will not yet to resolved this issue in a scientific way. As for alternative medicine advocate, they are having a good time treating patients ( for a fee of course ), and claiming cures.I have always maintained that chelating calcium away from atherosclerosis plaques ( their claim on the mechanism of action ) using EDTA, is too simplistic. EDTA itself is not without side effects and toxicity. Of course the dose is important. To avoid serious nephro-toxicity, the dose will have to be reduced, and so accordingly, the effects also will be reduced. But without scientific prove, what I say, and the reverse must also be true, what the advocates say must also be taken with a pinch of salt.
I am personally disappointed that enrollment has been stopped, and so the trial will not will not go on. It looks like NIH, who holds the funds, must have seen some impropriety. Let us all hope that they sort themselves out and that the trial will still go on. We do need to know the answers to the question " Does chelation therapy, remove plaques fromm patients suffering from CAD, and do they reduce the MACCE rates?".
Well, looks like we all have to wait a little longer, to know the answer.

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oliviaharis said...

Chelation therapy is touted as a form of medical therapy which effective even in cases where bypass surgery is advised. The other danger of this form of therapy is the false reassurance. During and after the chelation therapy, if a critically needed bypass surgery is avoided by the patient, he runs the risk of heart attack or death while fondly hoping to avoid the same.