Monday, June 02, 2008


Yesterday, over the national daily, we read of more NS trainees falling sick. This time, it involves the training camp in Desaru, and 57 trainees are down with what appears to be acute food poisoning. In my re-collection of food poisoning from my preventive medicine days, it is a reflection of poor hygiene. Food poisoning is what you get from contaminated hands preparing food, or food contaminated by faeces and unsavoury insects. Can you imagine the condition where the food is being prepared for these innocent students called upon to do national service. What is the matter with our government? Why are they not concern about how they treat our next generation. Making money under the guise of national training is one thing, but causing innocent ones to suffer is another. I think that I will be correct to say that not a NS training camp is held without some report ( fatal or non-fatal ) of some health problems. The government says that they will do this or that ( some window dressing, political sounding measures ), to correct the problem, but we get more of the same. No heads roll. More cover up and more of the same. Dear government, there is a hygiene problem in the kitchen. Please do not make young ones suffer.

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